Terrorists cause ban of gadgets on airplanes

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Terrorists cause ban of gadgets on airplanes

airplaneTerrorists have found a new way to screw up this world by causing the U.K. to ban gadgets (including iPods), laptops, and mobile phones on any carry-on baggage due to today's announcement of a thwarted attempt to blow up airlines using liquid explosives. Thank you Islamic fascists for ruining any sort of entertainment during an airline flight. Thank you for causing all the passengers that brought their expensive Treos, Blackberries, iPods, and other gadgets to have to go home, drop off their gadget(s) and change their flight or else simply have their gadget confiscated if it is critical they fly out right then. Of course, you can put your gadget in your stored baggage, but many passengers don't have any baggage - some just have the clothes on their back - which means they'd probably have to go home to drop off the gadget and come back.

Flights are often several hours long and gadgets often help you to pass the time by. No more iPods, no more portable DVD players, and no more laptops means your stuck with whatever crappy airline movie they decide to entertain you with.

So Islamic terrorists have found yet another way to ruin people's lives. Though not as bad as a beheading, being trapped in collapsing towers, or getting blown up in a crowded market, I for one despise terrorists just a wee bit more today -- which I didn't think possible. I'm pissed. The terrorists are forcing us to change the way we live and the freedoms we enjoy. In some ways the terrorists have won.

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