TiVo's new Buy on TV for Amazon Unbox

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TiVo's new Buy on TV for Amazon Unbox

Amazon Unbox
A litle while ago, TiVo introduced Amazon Unbox movie downloads. but you still had to log on to Amazon.com to order your moves for playback on your trusty TiVo.. Fortunately, some coders came up with a home-grown solution that allowed you to order directly from the TiVo interface - though it does requires a Windows PC and is a bit of a kludge. Well, TiVo and Amazon got together and are now offering Buy on TV which lets you buy movies directly from your broadband-enabled TiVo Series2 or Series3 set top box. You can find movies or TV programs to download by browsing under TiVoCasts or Swivel search on your TiVo's menu interface.

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