Tougher Penalties for Gadget Theft Passed by Senate

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Tougher Penalties for Gadget Theft Passed by Senate

Tougher penalties for gadget theft was passed by the Senate. Unfortunately, it's the Philippines Senate and not the U.S. Senate. Cuz I'd like that rat bastard that broke into my rental car and stole my nuvi 350 GPS to serve life in prison if they ever catch the guy. Ok, maybe not that long. Maybe like the French proposed law which bans your from Internet access for life if caught downloading copyrighted material 3 times (3 strikes your out), we should pass a law that bans gadget thieves from ever touching a gadget ever again in their lifetime if they are caught stealing gadgets.

Forget the death penalty deterrence! Imagine the deterrence of never being able to use a gadget again. Gadget thievery problem solved!

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