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USB Fridge

USB FridgeThis USB Fridge is the ultimate geek gift this holiday season. Nothing like grabbing a cold caffeinated soda to quench your thirst without having to leave your PC. After all, you might be in the middle of something important, like playing World of Warcraft or somethin'.

This USB gadget will keep your drink cold while you're at your computer and it just plain looks cool. Friends will be envious of this uber gadget! As I said, with this mini fridge you can keep your beverage chilled and stay at your computer longer. (Pee breaks not included.)

Supposedly this USB Fridge will chill very quickly after plugging it into your PC's USB port. The USB Fridge's cold plater chills to the perfect temperature taking just 5 minutes to bring the fridge down to 8 degrees  (8°C) centigrade or 47 degrees Fahrenheit (47°F). It even has a cool blue LED that illuminates the inside of the fridge.

Easy installation (obviously) simply by connecting a 4 foot USB cable -- and with no USB driver required. Though it would be kinda cool if it had a software driver to control the opening of a motorized door. Then you could open the door with a click of the mouse and you wouldn't even have to waste the 0.2 calories opening the door manually.  Hey, maybe the driver can even let you monitor the interior temperature as well from your PC? Ok, now the gadget freak in me is just taking over. Sorry, can't help it with the Christmas season upon us, I'm hoping to get some cool gadgets for Christmas. Might have to add this to my wish list. Sure it only holds one can, and its chilling limit is 47 degrees, but it's running off a 5V USB connection, whaddya expect? Absolute zero? (-459.67 °F)

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