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Wireless Power

Wow, this is really cool! Take your PDA, cellphone, laptop, or any other device with rechargeable batteries and place it on a mousepad shaped device and it will "wirelessly" charge your devices using an inductive field. No more tripping over your laptop cord or dealing with so many chargers no doubt one will be misplaced.

Splashpower is a wireless power solution that includes the following features/specs:

  • It enables you to power up your mobile phone and other portable devices,
    simply by dropping them on a mouse-mat-sized pad, called a SplashPad
  • No physical connection is required between the SplashPad and the device –
    power is transferred wirelessly
  • Different devices can be charged on a single SplashPad at the same time
  • Splashpower spells an end to hunting for the right charger, finding free
    socket spaces or fiddling with connectors and offers a solution to the charging
    problem of current and next generation portable products

The Splashpower solution comprises two parts: the SplashPad charging base and the SplashModule power receiver.

SplashPad Charging Base

This is a universal wireless charging platform which delivers
power to mobile devices. The SplashPad is a portable flat surface powered from
any electric outlet. Put as many devices as you can fit on it and charge up -
it's that simple. It can easily be built into cars, desks, coffee tables and
airplane tables.

  • Generates inductive field to power any enabled device placed on the pad.
  • Sizes can vary from one-device to many-devices
  • Stand-alone and integrated (e.g., in a car) versions demonstrated
  • Customisable appearance including use of a variety of casing materials
  • Designed for international standards and regulations (including CE, UL etc.)
SplashModule Power Receiver
All mobile devices fitted with a SplashModule are ready to receive wireless power from a SplashPad charging base. The thin receiver module is customized to the shape, size and power requirements of the device and can be easily integrated into the host device or add-on accessories.

  • Receives power from the SplashPad charging base
  • Versatile implementation. Virtually any area/shape - customised to device
  • Flexible. Accommodates a range of curvatures
  • Efficient
  • Straight-forward integration

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