Yes, DigitalLife (The Preview) Was Exciting!

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Yes, DigitalLife (The Preview) Was Exciting!

Can't believe it's taken me a day to recover from the excitement and mob scene that was the DigitalLife preview!

I expected a lot -- and I wasn't disappointed as companies from A (Ageia) to Z (Zone Labs) exhibited their latest goodies prior to the actual DigitalLife show this fall in New York.

With that in mind, let's take a look at what Ageia and Zone Labs were showing.

Ageia is dedicated to delivering dynamic interactive realism to the ever demanding complexity of next-generation games. Its flagship solution, Ageia PhysX, is the world's first dedicated physics engine and physics processor to bridge the gap between static virtual worlds and responsive unscripted physical reality. In other words, Ageia PhysX allows game developers to use active physics-based environments for a truly realistic entertainment experience.

Zone Labs, on the other hand, offers an Internet security solution called ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite. This includes its Triple Defense Firewall technology and integrated antivirus and anti-spyware capabilities to protect PCs from hackers, spyware, worms, identity thieves, spam and other evil nasties.

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