Google Base impresses

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Google Base impresses

Googe Base has just launched and already I see 491,058 results for the keyword "car" (click my Google Base search screenshot below). I'm impressed. Geez, this thing literally just launched and it already has 491,058 search results - how is this possible? Is 'Google Base' "seeding" these classifieds from some other database or third-party partner? In case you weren't aware, Google Base gives Web users an online venue to publish anything from a classified to a recipe to a research paper. Look out eBay and Amazon! Google Base opens up some interesting possibilities, as well as the potential for another place for scammers and spammers to ruin it for the rest of us. :@
Google Base car
According to BattleMedia which received an email from Google:

Today, we launched 'Google Base' a free online service where users can submit all types of online and offline content that Google will host and make searchable online. ....Google Base is an extension of Google’s existing content collection efforts such as our traditional web crawl system, as well as Google Sitemaps, Google Print and Google Video – all which enable content owners to easily make their information searchable via Google. The goal of Google Base is to improve the overall quality and breadth of Google Search results by collecting even more information about a wider diversity of content. ....Similar to a database, Google Base enables content owners to describe and assign attributes to it the information they upload and uses this meta-data to better target search results to what users are looking for. For example, if a chef chooses to upload their very best recipe for tamales he/she can further describe that recipe with a photo or by assigning attributes such as “medium-spicy” or “spicy.” When a user searches for the word [tamale recipes] from the Google Base homepage they will be presented with a list of recipe results accompanied by a list attributes at the top of page which enable them to further refine their search to “medium-spicy” or “hot” tamale recipes.
Depending on the relevance of the content, users' information may also appear on other Google properties like Froogle and Google Local, Google said. The official Google blog also has some more interesting insights on Google Base and their is a roundup of opinions on Google Base on TechCrunch wasn't impressed with Google Base.

And remember, according to Google Base program policies, "Posting is not permitted for the promotion of products such as drug cleansing shakes and urine test additives." Because this is important information that you needed to know and I needed to share... ;)

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