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Google Blog Search beta

Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search Beta

Looks like Google has a blog search engine after all - Google Blog Search beta. The screenshot is a search on "voip blog". <click the image above for a larger view of Google Search Beta> I'm listed on the top, woohoo! I guess an acquisition of Technorati is a moot point now. Of course they could still acquire them as a defensive play.

Doesn't look like you can "ping" Google though. Can I ping you Google? Not yet? How bout now? Now? Ok, how bout now? ;)

Boy, talk about great timing! I just blogged about Google offering a blog search tool yesterday!

I should mention that Google Blog Search is also integrated with Google's Blogger service. Also, doesn't appear you need to ping Google Blog Search since Google Blog Search will automatically check blogs that syndicate posts using RSS or Atom, updating the search index when new posts are found. I doubt even Google can "watch" millions of blog's RSS feeds to quickly see when a new blog post goes online - not even Google has enough bandwidth to instantly crawl the entire blogosphere, so I'd still like them to incorporate a pinging capability to notify them of a new blog post.

It appears that search results reveal blogs relevant to a search term, and also individual but relevant posts on unrelated blogs reflecting the term. Can't wait to see what other features they add to Google Blog Search Beta!

Here's a Google Blog Search roundup courtesy of Chris Pirillo on various bloggers talking about Google's new blog search.

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