Google Blogs Alert launches

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Google Blogs Alert launches

A coworker noticed that his Google Alerts now contained a new "Google Blogs Alert" within his email this morning. Sure enough, I checked my Google Alerts and I saw the new Google Blogs Alert. Sweet! I recall hearing Google was considering adding blogs to Google News and therefore Google Alerts as well, however, this was an unexpected surprise. I went to Google News to see if I could search for my blog's content, but so far I don't see anything. Maybe for now Google is only sending out Google Alerts rather than dumping blogs into the popular Google News section. My guess is they're using their Google Blog Search, which already finds new blog posts and then sending alerts.

Below is a screenshot of the Google Alerts email with the new Google Blogs Alert displayed just below the main Google Alerts. Now the only question is "will Google add blogs to the main Google News"? And would you be for it or against it? After all, there are a lot of crappy blogs out there and right now the Google News is a useful resource. Perhaps Google can take the Top 10000 blogs out there based on a combination of Google PageRank, Technorati Ranking, etc.
Google Blogs Alert

Google Alerts beta page now lists blogs, web, groups, and comprehensive in the drop-down box. I never chose "blogs" so I'm not sure why Google sent me Google Blog Alerts.
Google Blog Alerts

Update: Looks like Google Blog talks about this new feature.

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