Google click-to-call launches

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Google click-to-call launches

Google click-to-call
Google finally launched their click-to-call feature, which is available from Google Maps. Rich has the scoop and he gave me the head's up on the news and he has a detailed write-up, including who is powering the termination - namely VoIP, Inc. Nice scoop, Rich!

The above screenshot is a test call I made called the famous Pepe's Pizza in New Haven. Best of all, the call is FREE!

The official Google Blog has more.

Techcrunch also talks about this news. In one part Techcrunch says "The calls are powered by Google Talk and Skype"

How is this powered by Skype? According to Rich, Google's click-to-talk is powered by VoIP, Inc. not Skype. Now I realize that Skype and Google announced a deal, which I wrote about, in which they planned to interoperate. In addition, as I analyzed this deal back in August, "It is interesting that there is a caveat in the press release - Google is the exclusive text-based advertising provider for eBay outside the United States. Apparently, as part of this deal, Skype/eBay can continue to use Overture or other ad networks within the U.S. but must use Google for advertising outside the U.S. This sounds to me like Skype/eBay negotiated hard with Google and threw Google a "bone" by agreeing to use Google exclusively outside the U.S."

So I'm still not clear why would Google even need Skype. They certainly don't need the Skype client for Google Maps click-to-call, since this is a web-based application that connect 2 legs of the call. They don't need Skype for the termination, since Skype technically isn't a termination company - Skype partners with termination service providers, i.e. Level3. So why can't Google with all its capital negotiate directly with VoIP termination service providers? Of course, it is highly probable that the Google Maps application uses the Skype API and initiates two SkypeOut calls and the two are conferenced together. Perhaps since Skype terminates so many minutes they are able to negotiate great rates and were able to pass those savings onto Google. But if that is the case, then that doesn't explain where VoIP, Inc. fits into all of this.

So many questions... Will report when I find out more.

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