Google Earth Install Error

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Google Earth Install Error

google earth
I was installing Google Earth at the behest of Robert/Vahid Hashemian (aka "Means Everything to Me", "Looks Good", and "Huh? What?" <TMC inside joke>) when I got this error code -5009: 0x80040806

This is my first "bad" experience with any Google product. Of course, it could be my PC to blame, considering I install lots of VoIP and call center applications on my PC. But I try and keep it clean by uninstalling old applications and cleaning the Registry by hand. Ok, we'll blame Microsoft for not providing a 100% clean uninstall method.

Damn, I wanted to check out Google Earth. Guess I'll go install it on one of the lab PCs.

Also, go check out Google Moon and zoom all the way in. It answers the age old question of whether or not the Moon is made of cheese!

UPDATE! (5 min from original blog post)
I decided to try downloading it again since I read that sometimes Google's servers get overloaded and the file download gets cut off. They suggested checking the file size and make sure it's 10MB. I did check and it was 10.2MB, so I thought this shot that theory to hell. But, just for kicks, I decided to redownload it anyway using IE instead of Firefox. The resulting file was 10.3MB (0.1MB bigger). So it would appear that the file was indeed cut off. Is Google to blame? Is Firefox? Who knows. Google Maps is working now, so I'm happy. As Vahid would say, "Looks good..."

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