Google Talk and VoIP on Sony PSP?

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Google Talk and VoIP on Sony PSP?

SIPThat's popular blogger, Erik Lagerway pondered in a blog post last year if the Sony PSP would one day run a VoIP (Voice over IP) client. In fact, he hinted while working at Xten (now CounterPath) that they could should be able to "hack together" a softphone for VoIP on the PSP handheld gaming console. Erik wrote in May 2005:

Looks like Sony has their crosshairs clearly focused on providing a feature-full portable communications and entertainment system. Since we can browse the web on this thing, and it has a USB port, Wi-Fi and a TCP stack you would think we should be able hack together a softphone for VoIP. Video will come later, camera attachment. I will keep you posted.

Now Erik is with another VoIP softphone company, namely Eyeball Networks and "mums" been the word on any SIP softphone client under development for the Sony PSP. I'll have to drop Erik a line and see if Eyeball Networks has a secret, covert VoIP softphone under development. :) Oh, and the last time I mentioned a company "secretly developing a VoIP product" was Linksys and my prediction turned out to be true. ;)

Google Talk has been quite busy lately with announcements that include open federation, Google Talk integration with Blackberry, and more, which got me thinking, "I wonder if Google might be developing a version of Google Talk for the Sony PSP?" While this is mere speculation on my part, it would be a nice coup by Google if they developed a version of Google Talk for the Sony PSP. I certainly don't expect Microsoft offering MSN Messenger for the Sony PSP any time soon.

Somebody is going to come out with a VoIP client for the Sony PSP, whether it's Google, Eyeball, Counterpath or someone else - and as Erik said, it has the technical capabilities - it's only a matter of time. Let the race begin!

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