Google Voice Adds Faster dialing on Android and Blackberry devices

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Google Voice Adds Faster dialing on Android and Blackberry devices

Google has some new updates to their Google Voice mobile apps for your Android and Blackberry phone fans (sorry iPhone fans - no update today for you!).

According to Google:
At Google we are obsessed with speed. Our mantra is faster = better. This is true for our Google Voice mobile apps as well. When you want to make a call, your phone should connect you as quickly as possible, whether you're calling via Google Voice or not.

Today we are launching an enhancement to the Google Voice mobile app on Android and Blackberry phones, which makes placing calls much faster. We call this feature "direct access numbers."

Read how they made it faster here

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Feedback for Google Voice Adds Faster dialing on Android and Blackberry devices


I'll take it ... faster is better. Google Voice is one of those apps that you have to use a while to get ... and one that works better on Android from a usability standpoint than iPhones. While not a UC-app per se, it is one of those things that gets IT folks trying and thinking about integrating various services together. You can also do some things with it that are much more difficult on more robust, complicated VoIP systems. And it gets people thinking about what they can do with Mobile UC down the line. About Me

The previous version of GVoice stuck with a single relay number, so you could put that number into your Friends & Family list for unlimited free outgoing calls. The number would change every few months, but you could just update your list when that happened and continue on like before.

This new GVoice setup makes that unworkable, as every contact now uses a different number.

If you installed the new one and want to switch back, you can download the .apk file for Android here:

Once you uninstall the new version and reinstall the old, set it up and it should all work as before.

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