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Nimbuzz Launches Mac client

July 15, 2009

Nimbuzz adds iPhone push notifications

July 14, 2009

Just noticed my iPhone listed an update for Nimbuzz and it now features highly-anticipated push notifications, thus allowing IMs, voicemail notification, etc. even if Nimbuzz is closed. This update also features faster login, improved buddy list layout, send & receive files and photos, and more. Downloading it now!
(ignore the date in the screenshot, that's the date the app first appeared in the App Store)

Just tried it using Skype and Windows Live accounts.

Worst Google News Headline Ever! - No public viewing at Neverland, but Michael Jackson may get laid

July 1, 2009

I was happily surfing the Web reading the Google News Top Stories when I saw a headline that said "No public viewing at Neverland, but Michael Jackson may get laid". Say what? I had to do a double-take. Then I couldn't help but laugh at how funny this headline was.

Skype Video Calls on Google Android

June 19, 2009

What if you could do Skype VoIP & video conferencing on the Google Android? Sounds pretty damn cool, doesn't it? Especially given all the media hype surrounding the new iPhone 3GS. I already tweeted my displeasure that the new Apple iPhone 3GS doesn't support Flash and also tweeted my annoyance that Apple didn't put a front-facing camera for video chat support using Skype.

GVDialer for Google Voice

April 11, 2009

GVdialer is an intriguing mobile application for Google Voice, supporting iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Microsoft, and Symbian. GVdialer enables you to use Google Voice with your mobile phone while enabling some cool features. For instance, you can present your Google number as your Caller ID on outgoing mobile calls, thus keeping your mobile number private. This also gives you a one number identity to share with people.

Using the app installed you can dial directly from your phone's contacts, speed dial, call log or keypad, and GVdialer will automatically connect the call using Google Voice.

Even cooler you have Google Voice feature access including instant access to Google Voice's voice mail, Inbox, and GOOG-411.

As seen in the iPhone application, GVdialer lets you configure when GV would be used, i.e.

Google now gives Longer Excerpt in Search Results Dramatically Affecting SEO

March 24, 2009

The Official Google Blog today announced some improvements to Google search results that could dramatically affect your web traffic.

First, they are have deployed "a new technology that can better understand associations and concepts related to your search". They claim it will offer more useful related searches.

Second, and more importantly, they are now returning longer snippets/excerpts in the search results depending on the context of your search. To give more context, the snippet shows how the words of your query appear on the page by highlighting them in bold. Normally, the excerpts per search result is 2 lines, but now some return 3 lines.

Google Voice Meet Asterisk

March 23, 2009

Nerd Vittles has another cool Asterisk recipe that combines Google Voice, voicemail transcription (via Google Voice), free calling, and of course Asterisk. Nerd does some packet sniffing and determines that Google Voice, powered by Grandcentral, is using SIP. What's most interesting is that Nerd determine that your SIP connection and your Google Voice phone bill is only protected by a 4-digit PIN. Yikes!

Google Adds Current Location to Gmail

February 11, 2009

Want to tell someone your location simply by adding location info to your email signature? Well, Google has been on a location kick of late, with the latest location feature adding a new "Append your location to the signature" option that appends your current location (determined by your public IP address) to your email.

If you want more accurate location detection install Gears that supports the location module. Gears leverages Wi-Fi access point signals for a more accurate location reading.

Just be careful when checking the location box. You don't want to be telling your wife you're in one place when really your not.

D2 Technologies Improves its vPort VoIP Software for Development of Next Generation WiMAX, Femtocell and Mobile Handsets/Devices

January 8, 2009

Some interesting news from D2 Technologies worth sharing. It's worth mentioning that D2 offers the mCUE mobile convergence software solution, which combines a communications user interface with the company's vPort MP VoIP software platform targeting OEMs and service providers to help deliver integrated Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) and Unified Communications (UC) functionality.

Their news today involves WiMAX, femtocells, and fixed mobile convergence (FMC). Many predict (myself included) that 2009 will be the year of WiMAX, FMC, and femtocells. Though I think femtocells won't really getting going until late 2009.

At CES D2 Technologies is announcing a significant upgrade to its flagship embedded VoIP software, vPort, supporting processors from market leaders such as Cavium, Freescale, LSI, Ralink, AMCC, Ikanos and TI for OEMs developing the latest in dual mode and IP phones, CPE communications products and other mobile devices.

Here's the news...

D2's vPort optimizes support for video calls, high definition audio, Windows® CE/Mobile applications and remote security management.

D2 Technologies, the market leader in embedded IP communications software platforms, today announced the next generation of its flagship vPort product line, enabling OEMs and service providers to cost-effectively and quickly deliver to market the most advanced mobile and CPE communications products.

Raketu Adds VoIP Support for Google G1 Android Mobile

December 2, 2008

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