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Risk on Google Maps

LiewCF has a post that mentions Liew writes, "If you play Risk (board game), then you may want to try out Risk on Google Map". Liew also points out that the Risk game was developed using the Google Maps API. Liew points out that he doesn't know how to play Risk, while I on the other hand am a huge Risk fan.

I grew up playing the board game and have played Risk as recently as a few months ago with some friends both on the computer and the traditional game board. One time when we got bored with playing Risk until the wee hours, we took a Scrabble board, and a Monopoly board connected them all together and played ScrabbMonopoRisk. We invented some rules such as a ability to "kill" a Monopoly hotel from Risk - that is if you knocked a player out of controlling a continent you could then roll the die and if you beat the player he had to remove the Monopoly hotel.

We had some other inter-game rules that let you "attack" across the three games and we devised a point system for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each game and then tallied the scores. After playing until 6am, I was the controversial victor due to conflicting interpretation of the "house rules". Needless to say, we never played ScrabbMonopoRisk or MonoRiskabble or whatever weird name we came up with. Although, we were thinking of buying 3 Risk boards, connecting them all together and then playing Galactic Risk. Yes, I am a geek. ;)

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