Bluetooth GPS fits on your keychain

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Bluetooth GPS fits on your keychain

Freedom Keychain SiRF GPS receiverOne problem with portable Bluetooth GPS units is you probably keep forgetting it in your car or last location you used it. If you are traveling and need GPS functionality, you're screwed. You'll have to stop at a gas station, buy a map, and read directions the old-fashioned way. Blech!

Bluetooth GPS units are also bulky and one more device to remember to pack if you are traveling. Well, no longer! The Freedom Keychain GPS SiRF III Receiver is really small and attaches to your keys. Who doesn't always carry their keys, right?

The Freedom Keychain GPS SiRF Receiver claims to be the world’s most compact GPS receiver and is capable of connecting simultaneously to up to up to 20 satellite channels. It also has a respectable battery life of 10 hours. Of course, if you lose your keys, you also lose your nice cool Bluetooth GPS receiver as well. Too bad you can't use the GPS functionality to locate your lost keys - a nice dual-purpose! After all, who hasn't misplaced their keys?

The Freedom Keychain GPS SiRF III Receiver for $129.95 which you can pick up here.

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