Garmin 7200 and Garmin 7500 StreetPilot GPS

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Garmin 7200 and Garmin 7500 StreetPilot GPS

Garmin has also launched two really huge StreetPilot models, the 7200 and 7500. When I say huge, I mean really huge - as in a 7 inch LCD screen for the Garmin 7200 and a whopping 7.5" for the Garmin 7500! B) I don't foresee either of these GPS models fitting on most typical car dashboards, I think it's probably too high and will hit the windshield. This may explain why they are pitching this GPS solution as "designed for larger vehicles such as RVs, semi-trucks, and buses, which tend to have less of an angle for their windshields and a wider dashboard as well.

It does have some cool features though. The 7000-series GPS models are WAAS enabled, an optional XM Radio, traffic and weather updates, and can play back MP3 files and books downloaded from Traffic is delivered to the 7000 series through the GTM 10, GTM 11 or GXM 30 antenna (purchased separately). You can get traffic alerts broadcasted by Clear Channel in select U.S. cities with the GTM 10 or GTM 11 FM TMC traffic receiver. Traffic services accessed with the GXM 30 Smart Antenna require a subscription to XM NavTraffic.

The face of the StreetPilot 7200 and 7500 only has one button — an on/off switch. The side and back of the unit houses integrated internal speaker, mini USB port, AV input, SD card slot and 3.5 mm audio jack. A wireless infrared alphanumeric remote control that allows easy operation of the device from a distance is standard equipment.

The main distinguishing feature is of course the large widescreen. Garmin says this model is targeted at truckers, bus drivers and those who want to "trick out" their vehicles with a large screen capabile of a DVD movie watching experience via the composite video input. The 7200 is 7 inches and the 7500 tops out at 7.5 inches for connecting any composite video device such as a DVD player or camera.

You'll need all the room you can get to hook up either of these two GPS models in your vehicle. The price for the large screens on the 7200 and the 7500 along with all the other GPS features will run you about $1,600 and $1,900 respectively. A small price to pay for having the most "tricked out" GPS solution on the street? You decide. ;)

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