MapQuest Navigator for Sprint and Nextel BlackBerry devices

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MapQuest Navigator for Sprint and Nextel BlackBerry devices

MapQuest Navigator is now Available on Sprint and Nextel BlackBerry devices. In addition, MapQuest Mobile v2.5 now enables Finding Places, Customized and Multi-Point Routing Options, Canadian Coverage and more.

MapQuest yesterday announced MapQuest Mobile v2.5, offering a range of new features, including access to MapQuest's 15 million points of interest, multipoint routing, walking directions, customized routing options, and coverage in Canada. MapQuest Mobile, the #1 revenue generating downloadable application in the US1, is available in the US through 12 wireless carriers, and on 250 mobile phones.

In addition, MapQuest Navigator -- the GPS-enabled application featuring text and audio turn-by-turn directions -- is now available from Sprint (NYSE:S) on Sprint and Nextel BlackBerry devices. The downloadable application features an in-car navigation-like system with a moving, full color map display while letting consumers receive phone calls. MapQuest Navigator for BlackBerry devices is available for a 90-day free trial download at on the Get it Now link.2 Supported models include: the 8703e and 7130e powered by Sprint, and the 7520 and 7100i powered by Nextel.

"We're focused on offering mobile solutions to help consumers find places while they are on the go," said Alan Beiagi, Director of Wireless for MapQuest. "Enhancing our product offerings for mobile phone users and expanding our MapQuest Mobile coverage to Canada provides convenient and compelling solutions for subscribers to get to their destinations."

Among the new features of MapQuest Mobile v2.5:

Finding Places
- Users can access the more than 15 million of Points Of Interest from the database, including restaurants, hotels, gas stations and theaters.
- Subscribers can search for a specific business or place by category, name or location, and click-to-call that business directly from the MapQuest Mobile application.

- Multipoint Routing lets users select multiple destinations to get a complete set of directions from point A to B to C, etc.
- Pedestrian Navigation provides directions and maps for walking routes.
- Reverse Directions lets users get directions back to the point of origin. Advanced Routing lets users choose the fastest or shortest routes, or those that avoid toll roads and highways.

Get Maps and Driving Directions
- Directions can include advanced routing options (shortest time, shortest distance, avoid tolls, avoid highways, walking), and multi-stop routing. All maps, routes, multi-routes and places sent from will be stored in a “Sent from Web” list.
- Users can easily access their most recent locations and multi-routes, and they can save locations and multi-routes to a Favorites folder.
- Users can store a favorite Businesses or Place in a “Favorites” list.

- Maps, directions and point of interest information is offered for all Canadian territories.

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