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New TomTom One GPS

TomTom One is a new portable GPS navigation unit launched for the North American market, that fits in your shirt pocket, making it easily transportable from car-to-car and to take on business and vacation trips. I got my hands on a TomTon One unit to review, but haven't fully tested all the features yet. Here's my analysis so far... The TomTom ONE utilizes the Version 5 Navigator software, not TomTom Navigator 6, which apparently is exclusive to the Treo smartphones at the moment.  The one also features Bluetooth support for TomTom's PLUS Services.

Tom Tom One
I'm a huge fan of TomTom products and have always been impressed when I review their latest stuff. I've used TomTom Navigator 5 on a PocketPC for quite some time and they have one of the slickest looking interfaces of any GPS product.

TomTom ONE combines a color touch-screen, lightweight (only 5.6 ounces) and slim design (3.8 inches x 3.2 inches x 1.0 inch) with TomTom's popular GPS software. At just $499, this is price-point that is lower than most portable GPS solutions. 

In addition, users will have access to all TomTom PLUS services including real-time traffic and weather reports and updates on road conditions. Users can also take advantage of TomTom HOME, the software package that efficiently manages content between one's PC or MAC and TomTom device. Via TomTom HOME users can easily plan routes, download voices and install maps to keep their TomTom up to date anytime. The only thing I wish TomTom's GPS software did better was a "pedestrian mode" for hiking, walking cities, and topographical information.

TomTom One Beauty eh?
TomTom One with a cellphone and keys to demonstrate scale

The new TomTom ONE provides is essentially an entry-level option to TomTom's comprehensive product offering, which now includes:

· TomTom GO 910: pre-installed maps of the US, Canada and Europe; optimized screen size, text-to-speech technology, hands-free calling via Bluetooth-enabled phones, and a 20GB hard drive enabling drivers to play music and view image
· TomTom GO 510: pre-installed maps of the US and Canada on an SD card, optimized screen size, and hands-free calling via Bluetooth-enabled phones
· TomTom ONE: TomTom's newest entry level all-in-one portable navigation device
· TomTom RIDER: the portable all-in-one navigation solution designed specifically for motorcycles and scooters
· TomTom NAVIGATOR: navigation software for PDAs

The ONE is similar to the TomTom GO product, but differs in a few ways. First, the TomTom ONE uses the newer SiRFStarIII GPS chipset which is more sensitive than the earlier chipset used in the TomTom GO. Second, the ONE is much thinner and less bulky than the TomTom GO. The TomTom ONE has a smaller internal battery than the GO, thus the GO units offer about 5 hrs of battery life vs. 2 hrs on the TomTom ONE. For me, that's not a big deal, since in most cases the TomTom ONE will be connected to the car's accessory power outlet. Similar to the TomTom GO, the TomTom ONE has full support for .ov2 format POI's (points of interest) including safety cameras, speed traps, etc.

The bottom of the ONE features all the connectivity and memory options, including an SD card slot, Mini-USB, reset button, and the power connection. Interestingly enough there is a headphone port. I suppose that might be useful if you are blasting music and want to be sure to hear the navigation instructions. Though I know of no one that drives with headphones on. Actually you could connect the headphone jack to some car stereos and have the navigation instructions piped into your car speakers.

Processor:      380MHz ARM920T
Screen:     3.5" 320x240 colour TFT LCD
Memory:     32mb RAM
Battery:     Internal Li-Ion
Memory Card:     SD including software and maps
GPS Receiver:     Built-In SiRFStarIII
Sound:     Internal loud speaker
Power Supply :     Cigarette lighter socket (included) or Universal Mains Adapter (optional accessory)
PC Connection:     Via mini-USB cable

The TomTom ONE is a better choice when compared with the TomTom GO 300 if you plan on taking the GPS unit with you wherever you go, since it fits right in your pocket. They run the exact same navigation software, so they are equivalent there. The TomTom GO's screen is slightly larger, but not by much. Price-wise the TomTom ONE is cheaper. So, the TomTom ONE is more portable, same features, and less money - sounds like a no-brainer to me. So TomTom ONE vs. TomTom GO 300 is no comparison at all - the TomTom One is the clear winner.

I hope this mini review was helpful and keep your eye out for a more detailed review in the near future.

The new TomTom ONE will be available at major retailers across the United States starting in late August 2006. Amazon usually has the best price - here's a direct link to the Amazon TomTom One page with all the various models.

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