Ordered new Garmin Nuvi to replace stolen unit

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Ordered new Garmin Nuvi to replace stolen unit

Garmin Nuvi 350Well I ordered a used Garmin 350 on eBay since I won the auction yesterday. It was the only used Garmin Nuvi for sale in Florida. As you know, my Garmin Nuvi was stolen in Disney World, which is also in Florida. I figured, what the heck, may as well and try and see if I can buy my own unit back by searching eBay for all Florida Nuvi's being sold.

There's a chance, right? The unit being sold on eBay stated it doesn't come with the suction cup - only the charger and Nuvi unit itself. That's exactly how the unit was left in the vehicle - with no suction cup holder. For the record, the serial number on the unit is 107064814 in case anyone out there happens to buy this stolen property. How funny would it be if I won my own unit back?

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