Provia A1 GPS - too cool!

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Provia A1 GPS - too cool!

The Provia A1 navigator GPS isn't your typical utilitarian GPS that gets your from point A to point B. No siree, Bob! The Provia A1 navigator is more like the iPhone with it's sleek design, 7" touchscreen, and cool 3D graphics. This Provia A1 GPS just begs to be carried around just so you have cool gadget bragging rights. The Provia A1 navigator is from Korea’s HTMS and features a Samsung 800 x 480 resolution widescreen touchscreen 7-inch display. It has handwriting recognition for quickly keying in address or other other information. Navigation uses super-detailed, razor-sharp 3D maps, complete with models of buildings and other landmarks.
Provia A1 GPS
Since it's 3D, you can see highway overpasses/underpasses and know which road you're supposed to be on. 2D GPS navigation units can often confuse the driver with parallel roads at different height levels since they don't clearly indicate which "level" the driver is supposed to be on.
Provia A1 GPS
The A1 is a complete media player with audio and fullscreen video playback. Even cooler, it has a "picture-in-picture" (PIP) mode, so you can simultaneously watch a movie and get directions. It also features a DMB receiver so you can receive over-the-air (OTA) digital television broadcasts. This bad boy plays DivX, XviD, H.264, WMA, WMV, OGG, mp3, MPEG-4, and a bunch of other formats.

If Sony were smart, they'd come out with a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) with built-in GPS, GSM cellular service, and wireless Internet functionality. This hypothetical device would blow away the Apple iPhone. It would offer awesome 3D gaming, cell phone functionality, Internet/email access, video playback, and GPS navigation. The device would have everything you need for long trips with the kids. They can play videogames, watch videos, or access the Internet. What more do you need? Sony, an expert in electronics, TV screens, and gaming, is the perfect company to take on the Apple iPhone.

I wouldn't be surprised if Sony came out with such a cool converged device. Wonder what Sony would call it? Sony PlayStation Multimedia Video GPS Phone? Or Sony PSMVGP for short?

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