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TomTom GO 920 T

TomTom Go 920 T with Remote ControlToday, TomTom launched the TomTom GO 920 T, their latest "high-end" premium GPS unit featuring TomTom's most extensive map of Europe and North America. The GO 920 T is considered TomTom's newest flagship model and features a large 4.3" touchscreen. It comes preinstalled with complete maps of Europe and USA & Canada on the 4 GB internal memory. The GO 920 T includes the new Enhanced Positioning Technology which results in a more continuous navigation experience for those pesky bridges and tunnels. An RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver to receive up-to-date traffic information is included in the box.
TomTom GO 920 T

The TomTom GO 920 T features a slim high quality design with soft-touch finish, and a new metallic color scheme. The TomTom GO 920 T comes with an improved Bluetooth remote control and it features speech recognition from Nuance for voice address input. Sweet! To enter destinations by voice, drivers simply choose the menu option "Navigate to spoken address," and they are then able to complete the destination entry entirely by voice, without having to use the device keypad to spell out the address. To start the route calculation the driver simply says, "OK."

“The new flagship TomTom GO 920 T offers the best in satellite navigation,” says Harold Goddijn, chief executive officer at TomTom. “Pre-installed maps of multiple continents combined with innovative technologies such as the new Enhanced Positioning Technology, TomTom Map Share™ and plug & play traffic information offer outstanding quality and performance. The TomTom GO 920 T is the most advanced navigation solution on the market today.”

Unlike most competing GPS units, TomTom had decided to preload several countries' maps onto the 920 T making it one of the most complete set of maps you can get preinstalled. In fact, the new TomTom GO 920 T offers a seamless map of 41 countries in both Western and Central Europe and as well as maps of USA and Canada preinstalled on the 4 GB internal memory of the device. This is perfect for international travelers - they no longer have to load different maps onto their portable GPS unit.

TomTom’s new Enhanced Positioning Technology uses movement and gravity sensors to calculate drivers’ positions when GPS signals are unavailable. The TomTom GO 920 T also has a built-in FM Transmitter to play music and navigation instructions over the car stereo. Importantly, it has text-to-speech, to enable street names, places, traffic alerts and SMS messages to be read aloud as part of the spoken instructions.

TomTom GO 920 T standalone
Some other new features include:
- New smart & fun extras to personalize users’ devices, including recording your own driving instructions, view documents, exchange positions via SMS and Bluetooth™ wireless technology and select a favourite car icon on the screen; - TomTom desk dock to easily charge the TomTom GO 920 T and connect to a computer and TomTom HOME, TomTom’s free software application;
- Free TomTom HOME software to access ready to use online services such as Safety Cameras, Traffic and Weather; - Full range of accessories to match the design and finish of the new GO range, including a leather carry case, a soft touch carry case, iPod cable and a home charger.

While the the new TomTom GO 920 T has some very cool features, I still like the 3D maps of the Provia A1 but that's only available in Korea. And alas, as I mentioned in the Provia A1 post, my perfect GPS device would be a combination of the iPhone / cellphone, Sony PSP gaming, GPS, and wireless Internet access. But until my theoretical device is created, I guess the new TomTom GO 920 will have to do.

The new TomTom GO 920 T will be available in the last quarter of 2007.

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