TomTom tracks other TomTom GPS users

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TomTom tracks other TomTom GPS users

TomTom unveiled a "buddy list" GPS tracking system. Too bad it doesn't encorporate my P2P GPS traffic monitoring idea, which uses a peer-to-peer network of GPS users to track traffic patterns and alert you if there is traffic jam and automatically re-route. This TomTom GPS news simply says you can track other users, IM each other, exchange POIs. In any event, check out the news from Stuff:

TomTom’s just unveiled a bunch of new and updated features for its iconic GO sat-navs, including an intriguing friend-tracking mode.

Called TomTom Buddies, the feature lets you track your mates wherever you go – and in return, they get to track you too.

All you do is invite other TomTom users – you’ll have to shun your Garmin and Navman chums - to be your authorised ‘buddy’. The idea is that the Buddies service will be like an exclusive club through which you can send each other text messages and locations you think are interesting.

If you feel like being a loner for a bit you can select the privacy option which lets you hide your location.

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