Volvo to carry Garmin nuvi GPS

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Volvo to carry Garmin nuvi GPS

Garmin 760 GPS
Garmin and Volvo have inked a deal where Volvos will seamlessly integrate the Garmin nüvi 760 onto the top of the vehicle's dashboard. Perfect, since I just bought a Volvo XC70! Of course, the dealer-fitted accessory which uses a smart mounting bracket is positioned on top of the dashboard, which is just an invitation for it to get stolen.

Voice in my head: Over your stolen GPS in Disney?

Airplane No, I'm still not over my stolen Garmin nüvi 350 in Disney World. I'm not over Macho Grande either. (Airplane 2 reference)

In any event, typically, most cars that come with the GPS option cost $2000. Garmin nuvis are relatively inexpensive ranging from $300 to $700. Garmin today announced that Volvo Cars Corporation has selected the nüvi 760 as a customized navigation solution for select Volvo cars, including the new Volvo C30 and Volvo XC70. The Volvo specific nüvi 760 will be available at dealerships across Europe and North America.

Volvo's dealer-fitted accessory kit includes the latest Garmin satellite navigation system, the nüvi 760, as well as a smart mounting bracket that is positioned on top of the dashboard.

According to the news release, "Volvo has carefully researched the optimum position of the navigation system to make sure it is easy to use yet does not distract the driver's concentration on the road. The bracket is designed specifically to coordinate with the look and style of the vehicle, and eliminates the need for exposed power cables and suction cup mount typically found on portable navigation devices." Volvo's built-in bracket easily folds down when not in use. The nüvi 760 may also be taken off the mount and moved between different cars.

Yes, well the bracket stays permanently, so I still say that's an invitation for someone to break a window even if you hid the GPS under the seat. Still, I do like how the nüvi 760 fits neatly onto the custom-made bracket, offering a quick 'plug and play' solution. It's too bad they can't cut a hole in the dashboard and with a push of a button have the GPS flip underneath the dashboard and hidden from view - ala James Bond gadgetry. Now that's what I'm talkin' bout!

Oh and if you aren't familiar with the nüvi 760, it boasts a bright, widescreen with turn-by-turn, voice-prompted directions. The nüvi 760 also includes Garmin's newest safety feature, "Where Am I." A single tap on the screen shows drivers their exact latitude and longitude position, the nearest address and intersection, and the closest hospitals, police stations and gas stations.

The nüvi 760 navigation package fits current production Volvo car models, including the new Volvo C30 and Volvo XC70. It can also be fitted to a selected number of earlier models. The nüvi 760 accessory kit for Volvo is expected to be available from early December 2007.

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