New! Plantronics MDA200

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New! Plantronics MDA200

Plantronics is launching a new line of devices designed to help companies migrate from traditional desk phone-only usage to a unified communications (UC) infrastructure, including a new a multi-device adapter, the MDA200, as well as corded and wireless USB adapters.

The goal of these Plantronics "UC Enabler" products is to leverage your existing investment in traditional voice communications, such as desk phones, headsets and audio communication devices.  The MDA200 is a multi device switcher that instantly turns any corded or wireless USB headset into a multipoint headset. The MDA200 lets you answer, end, hold and switch between calls from any connected device with a press of a button. It supports Bluetooth and DECT wireless headsets.

MDA200 Wired USB headset configuration to deskphone & USB to PC

The goal of the MDA200 is so that you can use your existing corporate desktop phones, headsets, and even softphone applications, while also enabling the employee to use their existing personal or corporate-issued) Bluetooth headset paired to their mobile device. This enables corporations to deploy softphones from leading UC vendors including Avaya, Cisco, IBM, and Microsoft and leverage existing audio devices.  The UC Enabler Category also includes a range of USB adapters, for both corded and wireless headsets, that are designed to turn nearly any Plantronics headset into a USB device.
UC Enabler Portfolio

•         MDA200 – a multi-device adapter that connects to a deskphone and a computer.
MSRP $129.95

•         DA Series - adapters that convert Plantronics corded audio devices to USB.
MSRP $59.00 - $120.00

•         BT300™ – a wireless Bluetooth USB adapter that connects a Bluetooth headset to a computer
MSRP $99.95

•         D100™ – a wireless DECT™ USB adapter that connects any Plantronics Savi or CS500 DECT headset to a computer
MSRP $120.00

The Plantronics MDA200 will officially launch tomorrow September 21st. In some ways it reminds me of the Zoomswitch ZMS20-UC, which I awarded a TMC Labs Innovation Award. I have a review unit on the way to check it out and will post the review as soon as I can.

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