Disney Goes Streaming Crazy on the Web

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Disney Goes Streaming Crazy on the Web

We ended last week with Disney news, and now we start this week with Disney news. Much chatter today (how about front page of the Wall Street Journal!) about Disney's plans to offer its TV shows free on the web. (More streaming video!)

Seems that top shows from the Disney Channel and ABC Family, like Desperate Housewives and Lost, will now be streaming to all kinds of other screens the day after these shows are broadcast. The good news -- the magic four letter word -- is that these shows are free, but the bad news -- you can't skip the commercials (sure someone will quickly find a way around that).

Seems like this was how TV was when it first started -- you watch for free, but you must watch the commercials (or at least you have the chance to watch -- or not watch them.)

Let's see what the industry response will be tomorrow ...

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