Google Bankrolls $100M to Get into Video Entertainment Biz

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Google Bankrolls $100M to Get into Video Entertainment Biz

Last week I reported how Amazon should buy HBO or at least start creating their own TV shows and movies so they can be in control of their own destiny. I also mentioned last week Apple and Google as also potentially getting into the entertainment content creation business. Well it turns out I was prescient since it is now being reported that Google is getting into entertainment content creation. So Hollywood there is a new sheriff in town!

From The Next Web:

According to a recent tweet by Wall Street Journal’s Marketplace Editor, Dennis K. Berman, Google is reportedly putting up $100 million for new, original content on YouTube, including a big deal with Tony Hawk, the retired professional skateboarder and actor.

Google is seeking to become the “next-generation cable provider”, as it currently hosts several free online channels with high quality content. The $100 million will go towards paying for new content for these channels, while YouTube hopes to replenish funds with advertising over said content.

Google leveraging YouTube to distribute the content is a smart move. But if you think 400+ TV channels of music, movies, and TV shows was too much, just wait till multi-billion dollar companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon start creating entertainment shows. Then will we'll have 1000+ channels of entertainment shows and still nothing interesting to watch. Except maybe Season 2 of HBO's Game of Thrones. smiley-laughing

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