Grand Cinema C3X 1080 Projector or Ferrari?

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Grand Cinema C3X 1080 Projector or Ferrari?

Grand Cinema C3X 1080p projector
SIM2 just released the Grand Cinema C3X 1080p Projector. I don't know whether to project this thing or drive it - damn thing looks like a cheery red Ferrari. SIM2's Next Generation Grand Cinema C3X 1080 3-Chip DLP is one of the first to utilize Texas Instruments DLP Product's latest DarkChip chip to integrate superior contrast plus benchmark-quality 1080p video display with the functions and features required to power today's sophisticated home theaters, all within the dramatic industrial design for which SIM2 is justly famous. It delivers astonishing performance from its compact design.

SIM2's new Grand Cinema HT30000 HOST system pairs a surprisingly compact projector showcasing the stunning cabinet designs for which the company is famous, with a discrete outboard video input processor that connects via SIM2's proprietary, three-line optical-digital High-Definition Optical Signal Transfer (H.O.S.T.) system, which is able to link the two over distances up to 750 feet (250m).

It includes 2 x HDMI-HDCP compliant digital inputs, one S-Video input, one composite video, one RGBS-YCrCb (RCA) input, and one RGBHV input. It also sports a USB and RS232 connector for control and software upgrades. It also has digital audio output and an external IR sensor. It supports PAL, HDTV (480p, 820p, 1080i, 1080p) ad well as PC support for VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA, and WUXGA. It supports all the popular aspect ratios, including 4:3, 16:9 anamorphic, Letterbox, Panoramic, and custom adjustments. It also comes in black, gold, and high-gloss Gun Metal, which reminds me of Halo Master Chief's armor color.

Grand Cinema C3X 1080 back panel

SIM2 brags, "This next-generation home theater projector is titally unique to SIM2 - no other manufactuer has the ability to produce a high performance 3-chip projector with such compact dimensions, which is why SIM2 has taken out five separate patents for this product alone. The Grand Cinema c3X 1080 is without a doubt a true thoroughbred, offering unprecedented picture quality for the discerning home theater customer".

The C3X 1080 utilizes true 10-bit video processing to create clean, artefact-free video images. 10-bits-per-channel processing produces 1024 shades of grey (or shades of a single color) resulting in the ability to render over 1 billion colors on-screen. It's also Full HD 1080p capable, including 1080p@24fpbs. It also features 10,000:1 contrast ration and it has a choice of three lens options: T1 (short throw) 1.3-1.7:1, T2 (long-throw - standard) 1.7-2.6:1, and T3 (long-throw) 2.6-3.5:1 (avail Q1 2008).

Sweet projector. Maybe now I can finally ditch my bulky 65" rear projection TV and get me one of these. Of course, it retails for $29,995, so maybe not.

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