In Today's News - the XBox 360 pwns the Sony PS3

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In Today's News - the XBox 360 pwns the Sony PS3

According to Yahoo News, Microsoft Corp said today that its Xbox 360 console will sell better than the Sony PlayStation 3 over the lifetime of the machines.

"Xbox 360 will sell more consoles worldwide this generation than PlayStation 3," Don Mattrick, a senior vice president at Microsoft's Xbox division, said at Microsoft's news conference before the start of the E3 video game industry trade show. Microsoft said the Xbox 360 has outsold the PS3 in the United States by 5 million.

Yeah, well you wouldn't be forgetting the Wii now would Wii? The Nintendo Wii might just kick both your butts in worldwide units sold. Still, the PS3 is a more applicable comparison to the Xbox 360. The Wii is for the casual gamer where as the Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 are for your hardcore gamers. Actually, I've been eyeing a PS3 just so I can have a Blu-ray player.

In related Xbox 360 pwn'ing PS3 news, Microsoft's Xbox 360 video game console will be able to stream thousands of movies over the Internet, thanks to a deal with Netflix. It was announced today at the E3 Media & Business Summit in Los Angeles. This deal will give Netflix's 8 million subscribers the ability to stream movies on a TV instead of a computer.

home_content_box.jpgAnd don't forget the Netflix-backed startup called Roku already sells a small streaming device that connects to TVs.

The Netflix streaming service offers 10,000 movies and TV shows. Your move Sony...

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