Interview with WowWee Robots CEO

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Interview with WowWee Robots CEO

WowWee RoboraptorRobocommunity has an interesting interview with WowWee CTO Davin Sufer. If you've been living under a rock, or perhaps you just don't have kids, then perhaps you're not familiar with WowWee robots. Heck, I have a daughter that is too young to play with robots, yet I'm familiar with WowWee's cool robots. You can't miss them if you walk into Bed Bath & Beyond - or maybe it was Linens and Things. I always confuse those two stores.

In any event, one of those chain stores has the Roboraptor robot on display with a button that activates its eerily lifelike and some might say "creepy" moves. When I first walked past one, I backed up and said to myself "What the heck is that?" Of course I shoved an 8-year old kid out of the way so I could play with it. I'm kidding... Pretty amazing animatronics technology that you used to only see in Disney World or other amusement parks. Now you can have an animatronic robot in your own home!

Some interesting questions are posted by Robocommunity, including, "Our readers really want to know what evil genius comes up with the packaging for WowWee. We even came up with an unpacking guide! Really... bolts? ;-)"

A good question indeed... Those raptors must be mighty dangerous to have them bolted in! ;)

Another interesting question posed was this:
Question: Let's get into some more specifics. What plans do you have for future sensors, servos, software, etc.?

Partial Answer: As far as sensors go, think more intelligent with higher range. We've also been working on new and fun ways for our products to interact with people and each other. We've been adding memory and building engaging personalities.

Go check out the full interview for more.

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