Next Justin Bieber?

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Next Justin Bieber?

lady-gaga-greyson-michael-chance.jpg Ladies, meet the next Justin Bieber sensation. I know this blog is mostly about gadgets, man caves, and VoIP/telecom, which are all typically dominated by males. But I know I have a female audience as well - and this is for you. The 12-year-old Oklahoma kid, Greyson Michael Chance has become a YouTube sensation with his rendition of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi". You'll be able to catch him on Ellen DeGeneres show tomorrow. And after you watch this video, you know you will be watching or DVR'ing it!

Now just don't say I never did anything for you ladies. You can thank me later.

via The Daily What

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Feedback for Next Justin Bieber?


you do know that video wasnt justin bieber? definatly not him?=))

Justin who?

Greyson Michael Chance, you are my new crush.

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