"Why Blu?" Sweepstakes could land you a Sony PS3

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"Why Blu?" Sweepstakes could land you a Sony PS3


Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Blu-ray have teamed up with Brickfish to launch the "Why Blu?" campaign at http://www.brickfish.com/Entertainment/whyblu?tab=entries&=blu_pr.

The campaign asks entrants to create a poster, ad or video highlighting the "supreme quality" of Blu-ray Discs.

The grand prize winner, selected by Sony from the top 50 highest-scoring entries, will win a Sony PlayStation 3 with a built in Blu-ray Disc player, and a collection of 8 Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Blu-ray movies. Prizes will also be awarded for the entry that gets the most attention across the Internet and to weekly sweepstakes winners.

Be quick though - only 14 days 14 hrs 15 mins to go!

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