Flash 10.2 Adds Full Screen on Separate Monitors

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Flash 10.2 Adds Full Screen on Separate Monitors

adobe-logo.jpgFlash 10.2 finally adds the ability to watch full screen video on a separate monitor while you continue to work on your primary monitor. Guess this makes the popular Flash full screen hack called FlashHacker obsolete. Now everyone can happily watch Hulu, YouTube, Liveleak, and all other Flash video in full screen on a second monitor while simultaneously checking email and surfing the web. head-bang In theory, any Flash-based video conferencing product (i.e. FaceFlow) that uses Flash and allows full-screen mode should also allow you do full-screen video conferencing while working in a separate window. Though there are some etiquette rules against checking email while talking to people. Some performance enhancements should enable 1080p video to be much smoother and Flash now supports hardware in Internet Explorer.

New features include:
Flash 10.2 Release Notes

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