Google, Mozilla, Samsung & NVIDIA Join DevCon5 HTML5 Conference

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Google, Mozilla, Samsung & NVIDIA Join DevCon5 HTML5 Conference

Some cool news to share about TMC's DevCon5, a HTML5, WebGL and WebCL-focused conference. Executives from several heavyweights, including Google, Mozilla, Samsung, and NVIDIA will be participating. omg

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Executives from Google, Mozilla, Samsung and NVIDIA Join the Discussion at DevCon5, Taking Place July 27-28 in New York

New Sessions Discuss the Evolution of the Browsing Experience in Today’s Mobile, “Any-to-Any” Environment

TMC and Crossfire Media today announced that thought leaders from Google, Mozilla, Samsung and NVIDIA have been added to the agenda at the DevCon5 Conference, taking place July 27-28, at New York University’s Kimmel Center.

The DevCon5 conference focuses on HTML5, WebGL and WebCL standards, and new ways to enhance the user experience online.  These new sessions will help attendees embrace the transition from a PC or laptop-based web experience, to a mobile, any-to any experience, where relationships remain engaged regardless of the device that’s used, or the location of the user.    

On Thursday, July 28 at 10:15 AM, NVIDIA’s Neil Trevett and Samsung’s Tasneem Brutch will discuss 3D Graphics and Parallel Computation on the Web.  This session will examine how the emerging WebGL and WebCL standards are delivering rich visual content in the browser

  • Neil Trevett is the Vice President Mobile Content at NVIDIA and President of Khronos
  • Tasneem Brutch, Ph.D., is a Sr. Staff Engineer for Samsung Electronics, and is the WebCL Working Group Chair.

Immediately following this session, Google’s Kenneth Russell and Mozilla’s Bobby Richter will discuss the latest insights into WebGL from two browser vendors that have shipping implementations.  This session includes a walkthrough of one of the leading WebGL content engines, and a CubicVR overview and tutorial:

  • Kenneth Russell is a Software Engineer for Google’s Chrome GPU team, and Chair of the WebGL Working Group.
  • And Bobby Richter is the Creative Tech Lead of Web Made Movies, for Mozilla Foundation.

“While many companies have made the mistake of focusing on device specific solutions, like Apple’s IOS, the reality is that HTML5 is providing a common platform for delivering the same look & feel across a mobile phone, a gaming console, a tablet, a computer, or a television,” said Crossfire Media’s Carl Ford.  “Our conference in New York this week examines the evolution of the browsing experience and helps attendees understand the design requirements, the security issues, and the new opportunities that HTML5 provides.”

Registration for DevCon5 is now open.  Members of the media can reserve media credentials by contacting Todd Keefe at For Immediate Release PR.

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