Linksys and Verizon to offer VoIP

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Linksys and Verizon to offer VoIP

Linksys, announced today that Verizon will use Linksys home networking adapters with Verizon's VoiceWing broadband VoIP phone service.

The Linksys phone adapter connects a customer's phone to the broadband network, similar to the Cisco ATA-186 or the Sipura SPA-3000. It converts analog signals into digital packets that travel over the Internet. It also offers various calling and call management features, but it's unclear from the news I read whether or not this is a standalone device or if it's included along with LinkSys's existing home broadband router product line.

If it is embedded into an existing LinkSys router, well that's one less device using up electricity, one less device to manage, and one less device taking up space in your house.

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