Buy a PC get a Free Xbox 360 - Hot Microsoft Promo!

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Buy a PC get a Free Xbox 360 - Hot Microsoft Promo!

Microsoft is offering a free Xbox 360 to students simply by buying a Windows 7 PC. You'll receive a a promo code good for an Xbox 360 4GB ($199 retail value) when you purchase a qualifying Windows 7 PC (priced $699 or more) from the Microsoft Store. But get the only requirement - a valid .edu email address! "Only available for students with a valid and verifiable .edu email address. Customer will be sent a promo code to the .edu address provided, which may then be used to redeem offer. "

rofl Yeah, that'll stop non-students from getting free Xbox 360s. What about professors with .edu email addresses? They can get free Xbox 360s and then sell them on eBay. Or people who know students can ask to "borrow" their .edu email address so they can receive this free offer and "game" the system.

Also, some colleges use .net (not .edu) for their email addresses. Sorry, no free Xbox for you!

Well, students, professors, "gamers", head over here for your promo code. But hurry up, it's while supplies last!

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