Don't install KB974571 or You will Break Microsoft OCS 2007!

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Don't install KB974571 or You will Break Microsoft OCS 2007!

If you're running Office Communications Server or LCS whatever you do, don't install KB974571 or you will cause the LCS or OCS server to state you are running the evaluation version and then say it has expired. Poof! - There goes your corporate unified communications (UC) followed by a parade of your coworkers carrying pitchforks & torches looking to find out why their UC isn't working. How widespread this patch is affecting OCS/LCS installs worldwide is unknown.

KB97451 is also known as  "MS09-056: Vulnerabilities in CryptoAPI could allow spoofing" and it was released just yesterday on Patch Tuesday. If you use WSUS or Windows Update to automatically download/install patches, you might be surprised this Wednesday morning to find your OCS/LCS server has failed. Didn't we have Patch Tuesday cause another major outage? (See: Skype Outage & Skype Outage caused by Windows Update)

If you apply the patch, the LCS/OCS services fail to start and you see these errors in the event log:

Event Type:        Error
Event Source:    Live Communications Server
Event Category:                (1000)
Event ID:              12290     
The evaluation period for Microsoft Office Live Communication Server 2005 has expired. Obtain the released version of this product and upgrade to the non-evaluation version by running setup.exe

Uninstalling the patch is the only way to fix it. According to the Microsoft OCS blog, "The issue is currently being escalated, but until a fix can be found, delaying the install of KB974571 is recommended."

You can also read more about it here.

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Feedback for Don't install KB974571 or You will Break Microsoft OCS 2007!


We had this problem this morning 10/14/09 too. Removing the update and unapproving it in WSUS was the way to get it all up and running again for our OCS.

This happened to me!!! Thank god for google and this website, i would have been pulling my hair out!

This is why I choose to use open source or free software like GNU/Linux, and the whole suite if software provided with any Linux distribution. I've been burned by Microsoft's licensing and activation for years, not anymore! What people don't realize is that by using Linux and free software, that there is NO LICENSING to track. This is huge, especially in corporate environments that spend hundreds of thousands on licensing, not to mention a permanent staff to handle licensing.

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