Ensim Adds Support for Lync Server 2010 Multi-tenant Hosting Pack

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Ensim Adds Support for Lync Server 2010 Multi-tenant Hosting Pack

Ensim Corporation today announced support for Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Multi-tenant environments allowing enterprises who wish to host Lync in the cloud to have a a powerful deployment tool at their disposal. Ensim Unify Service Provider Edition now offers full support for Microsoft Lync in multi-tenant environments for messaging, presence, web and video conferencing, and telephony with enterprise voice. With Ensim Unify's ability to allocate resources physically and logically, service providers using Lync Server 2010 Multi-tenant Hosting Pack (Lync Hosting Pack for short) can support small or large deployments in multi-tenant mode or can dedicate a single server to a single organization and allow custom SIP integration for each organization - all while managing Lync as a single platform.

Ensim Unify Service Provider Edition offers service providers and a complete, centralized, relational platform that manages creation, activation, configuration, and administration of an entire hosted application and cloud service offering.  Ensim Unify easily overlays any existing Microsoft HMC, competitor, or in-house implementation.

“Microsoft Lync is a key component of our customers’ unified communications strategies and has the potential to offer significant cost savings for small and medium businesses as well as enterprises, however, most service providers struggle with the complexity of provisioning and managing this complex application and incorporating it into a complete UC solution,” said David Wippich, CEO of Ensim. “The latest enhancements to Ensim Unify Service Provider Edition help our customers lower the cost of implementation while providing them with numerous policy based secure deployment options.”

Some of the largest enterprise and telco Lync deployments in the world are using Ensim Unify for provisioning and management.  Ensim Unify currently manages the largest OCS implementation in North America with over 230,000 users. Ensim will be at booth #3 at the Microsoft Hosting Summit taking place March 27th – 29th in Bellevue, WA.

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