Microsoft Lync Mobile Client Launches in 3 Days!

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Microsoft Lync Mobile Client Launches in 3 Days!

Back in August I told you Microsoft informed me that the Microsoft Lync mobile client was coming "very very soon". Microsoft told me the mobile Lync client would support both voice and video on Android, Apple's iOS and Windows Mobile 7, explaining, "it will dependent on the device, but it will be enabled at some point at time." They pointed out that some devices don't have a front-facing camera so having a videoconference via a mobile Lync client wouldn't necessarily make sense.

Well, at the Lync mobile "partner-only" virtual event some more details about the long awaited mobile Lync client has been released. First, the launch date. According to this tweet, Lync Mobile clients will be on the market / launched on December 12th.
Mobile platforms supported include Apple iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, and iPad 2 - on iOS 4.1 or higher, Windows Phone 7 (with the Mango update), Android devices running v2.3 or higher, as well as Nokia phones running Symbian SR1.1 or higher.
No additional server roles are required to enable Lync Mobile clients, however there is an additional DNS CNAME or A record requirement that is part of the Autodiscover service. The Lync client utilizes push notifications on most mobile platforms (Android being the exception) since many mobile platforms suspend idle processes that run in the background. Push notifications are better in many ways because the Lync client process can be 'suspended' or even closed, thereby not taking up the mobile device's processing power, memory, and most importantly not sucking the battery dry.

Another important bit of news is that there won't be the same exact feature-set across mobile platforms. Lync for Windows Phone 7 gets nearly the full feature-set treatment, supporting P2P IM, IM conferencing, presence state, contact list & search, push notifications, dial pad, vibrations on new IMs, as well as the ability to view or join conferences. Interestingly, send location is missing from the Windows 7 platform.

The iPhone capabilities are pretty much the same, but it actually also supports a visual voicemail tab. Android devices cannot send location and there is no push notification support, but you can run it in the background. Interestingly, the dial pad feature is completely missing from Android, but it is available on the iPhone and Windows Phone 7. The long wait is almost over. I feel like a kid at Christmas. fest35 present Can't wait to try the new Lync mobile client in 3 days!

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