Microsoft mashup of SOA and UC (Unified Communications)

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Microsoft mashup of SOA and UC (Unified Communications)

We all know the big splash Microsoft made in 2007 with the launch of OCS 2007; for instance, check out my review. OCS is the "core" of Microsoft's unified communications strategy for the enterprise. But as we know, the enterprise is no longer an island simply containing a (IP-)PBX and phones. Today, the enterprise is looking to integrate their corporate communications infrastructure with the Web and perhaps more importantly the wireless/mobile world.

I was surfing today when I came across a fascinating post by ZDNet blogger David Greenfield. In the post, David ponders, "The New York Times article about PopFly, Microsoft’s mashup maker, got me thinking about how Microsoft will use mashups and SOA with unified communications (UC)." David then goes on to explain some enterprise voice communications mashups:

There’s a growing trend amongst enterprise communications vendors to enable their communications servers to be controlled through a Web Service architecture. This would allow a PopFly-like product, for example, to mashup stock alert and a voice response system so in the event that company’s stock fell beneath a pre-defined threshold, an executive attending the 3GSM conference could receive an SMS on the phone and then be brought into a conference call right form his/her mobile. Alternatively, a laptop user at the same 3GSM conference could receive an IM and click on an embedded link to be brought into a conference call.

David then puts this in context of Microsoft OCS and how OCS needs integration with SOA (via Microsoft's Oslo SOA) to truly reach OCS's potential. He has some excellent points which I agree with wholeheartedly. For the full read, go check out David's interesting post.

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