Microsoft OCS 2007 Training

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Microsoft OCS 2007 Training

TMC University - 'Microsoft OCS 2007 training
I've written about the complexities of deploying OCS 2007 in the past. Because I wrote an extensive review of OCS 2007, I've had several of my readers ask if TMC provides OCS 2007 training and a couple of readers asking me to do some personal consulting work to help them with their OCS 2007 deployment. Unfortunately, Rich Tehrani, my slave driver, umm I mean boss, keeps me pretty busy to try and do consulting work on the side.

The good news however is that TMC is launching a special OCS 2007 training session at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo (ITEXPO). Those of you looking to learn more about OCS 2007 should seriously consider this conference training session. TMC has been proving leading educational conferences since 1981, so we know how to bring the leading experts in the industry to our conferences to give education to our audience and not sales pitches.

Want proof? Well, I can tell you that the trixbox training session at the last ITEXPO was a resounding success. I even took some video of the audience during the last hours and there were still lots of people in the training session. I expect the OCS 2007 training session to do just as well.

According to Rich's blog post, the topics covered in this course will be as follows:

OCS-PBX Interoperability
  • SIP and versions of SIP used in OCS
  • SIP-to-PBX interoperability
  • SIP-to-IP-PBX interoperability
  • OCS and IP-PSTN gateway integration
  • Remote office telephony integration
OCS Servers
  • Mediation
  • Front End
  • Active Directory
Call Flow Scenarios
  • Telephony users can connect to other telephony users by using OCS
  • Internal telephony users can also communicate with PSTN and PBX users
  • Outgoing calls
  • Incoming calls
The course ends with a focus on configuration and planning.

For more information and to register go here.

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