Microsoft Response Point Announces SIP Trunking Service Providers

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Microsoft Response Point Announces SIP Trunking Service Providers

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In March Microsoft announced Microsoft Response Point Service Pack 1 (SP1), which adds SIP trunking support. Today, Microsoft is announcing that they have selected NGT and Cbeyond as recommended service providers for Response Point to offer SIP trunks. NGT became the first certified, Microsoft recommended service provider offering SIP phone services that works seamlessly with Response Point.

Today, Microsoft announced that Cbeyond and New Global Telecom (NGT) will offer their VoIP (SIP trunking) services for the Response Point phone system. Small business customers will be able to take advantage of simple, fully integrated VoIP service from these providers on Microsoft Response Point Service Pack 1 (SP1) when it is released this summer.

I spoke with Microsoft and NGT and one of the questions I asked was if CallerID support would be supported on the Response Point phones transmitted via the SIP trunks. I also asked about teleworkers since the last time I tested & reviewed Response Point, the phones had to be on the same LAN segment. They responded that CallerID is in the works and that teleworkers (remote phones) was something they were also working on but would probably not be part of the SP1 launch this summer. It's worth mentioning that the SIP trunks support both G.729 and G.711.

Update: They contacted me a few hours later and added the following:
"With regard to your questions about enabling remote workers. During the presentation/Q&A at the Response Point training today this was a very hot topic! NGT is working on a seat option to work in conjunction with the trunks and enable remote features, such as remote office and simultaneous ring. We'll have more details as SP1 becomes more generally available."

"We've conducted thorough tests of the services delivered by Cbeyond and NGT and are pleased to align with these leaders and engage their channels to deliver Response Point as a complete VoIP solution to small businesses," said Xuedong Huang, general manager of Microsoft Response Point. "Brought together, small businesses will experience all the benefits of Response Point's "magic blue button" for voice dialing with the reliable voice services of these providers."

Response Point chose to align with Cbeyond and NGT because of their focus on coverage, high quality of voice service and customer satisfaction. Each service provider uses the industry standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking, which institutes a common protocol among digital voice providers worldwide and will boost quality of service and overall network health. Response Point customers will be able to take advantage of digital voice service based on SIP.

"Microsoft's attention to detail in catering to the small business segment makes Response Point a natural fit for Cbeyond's IP-based voice and data applications," said Rob Consolazio, vice president of Marketing and Business Development, Cbeyond. "Small businesses who combine our BeyondVoice with SIPconnect service and the Response Point phone system will gain the advantage of communication tools that big businesses enjoy, at an affordable price."
Each service provider plans to roll out unique partner programs for value-added resellers that will bolster their ability to reach and service small business customers with Response Point.

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