Microsoft sued over XBox 360 crashing

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Microsoft sued over XBox 360 crashing

A Chicago man who bought Microsoft Corp.'s new Xbox 360 has sued Microsoft claiming the new video game console has a design flaw that causes it to overheat and freeze up. According to the MSNBC/Reuters article, "The proposed class action claims that in Microsoft's bid to gain share in the $25 billion global video game market, the company was so intent on releasing the Xbox 360 before competing next-generation machines from Sony Corp. and Nintendo Co Ltd. that it sold a "defectively designed" product".

Ok, first off, every company in the world launch products to market as fast as they can to get the jump on competitors. Just about every new car design has at least one recall on a particular part. Should we force car manufacturers to do 10 years of research to ensure that any new car designs are completely 100% flawless? Unless there are serious safety issues with the XBox 360 which make it hazardous, this lawsuit is pretty frivolous.

It hasn't even been 30 days since the XBox 360 was sold. So simply take your faulty XBox 360 to wherever you bought it and get a refund or ship it back to Microsoft where they will pay for shipping in both directions and send you a brand spanking new unit. Now if you want to sue for the "emotional distress" caused by not being able to play XBox 360 games for a few days (while the new XBox 360 is being shipped to you), then I might have some sympathy for you ;) -- but I have no sympathy for stupid lawsuits that tie up the courtrooms' time.

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