Microsoft XBOX Surface To Feature PixelSense?

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Microsoft XBOX Surface To Feature PixelSense?

Today is the big Microsoft "reveal", with everything pointing towards a Microsoft designed tablet. One rumored spec sheet via Shift2U is very fascinating detailing a new device called Xbox Surface:
At first glance I saw the 250GB 2.5" SCSI 10K RPM disk drive, which is way too thick and heavy for a tablet device. But then I read the rumored announcement is actually two devices. The other intriguing spec I saw was the maximum resolution of 1280x720, which seemed to be pretty small for a 7" tablet device. The iPad (3) for instance features a 2040x1536 resolution, which is nearly double the "rumored" Microsoft XBox Surface device. Why so low-res? Perhaps it's because this device will be using Microsoft's PixelSense technology borrowed from Microsoft Surface, which allows a display to recognize fingers, hands, and objects placed on the screen. The individual pixels in the display see what's touching the screen and that information is immediately processed and interpreted. If Microsoft is indeed using the technology from Microsoft Surface, then the lower resolution makes perfect sense. If Microsoft shrunk down Microsoft Surface to tablet size, this could be a game changer in the tablet space.

According to the above rumored specs, it would have up to seven-hour battery life and support up to 4 wireless game controllers. Don't know about you, but 4-way split-screen video gaming is hard enough on a large 55" TV screen, never mind a small 7" tablet!

Exit Questions:
  • How do Microsoft's partners feel about Microsoft offering their own tablet hardware (& not having to pay the operating system fee = competitive advantage)
  • Will Skype be featured in this announcement? Will Skype be integrated into PixelSense somehow for a more collaborative experience?

We'll find out at 6:30pm ET (official announcement) what Microsoft has in store. Stay tuned!

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