PowerView Offers Powerful Microsoft Lync Reporting

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PowerView Offers Powerful Microsoft Lync Reporting

Unify2 PowerView is a reporting and billing solution for Microsoft Lync Server 2010 and Office Communications Server 2007 R2. It comes with pre-canned reports including a report to track ROI so you see exactly how Lync's unified communications feature-set is saving your business money.

PowerView 3.0 aggregates data collected from Call Detail Records, Active Directory, carrier billing rate tables and other data sources. According to Unify2, "PowerView effectively complements the raw transactional data contained in the Lync CDR databases and provides a rich view of the data that's correlated with the enterprise's organizational and geographical topologies, enabling enterprises to leverage a comprehensive set of PowerView reports or easily develop custom views of business data related to Lync."


PowerView 3.0 newest reports include Lync adoption tracking reports, common area phone usage reports, billing summary reports with drilldowns to the individual user and call detail level, carrier-billing based on precise and complex carrier rates, departmental billing summaries, top users for total usage and costs, top users of conferencing, top users of call forwarding, user device/version usage reports and individual response group activity reports.

You can drilldown on these reports (hyperlinks) to browse overall usage, view usage by department or geography, sort by total usage or costs, and then navigate to individual user reports and view details of individual calls and conferences. Certainly seems like a worthy reporting module for Microsoft Lync users, especially larger installations. Check them out.

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