Windows Phone 7 Series - No Copy / Paste? WHAT???

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Windows Phone 7 Series - No Copy / Paste? WHAT???

windows-phone-7.jpgRemember how Apple blew a lot of good will with their iPhone fans when Apple didn't include copy & paste and arrogantly claimed it wasn't needed? Other than background app support (still not available unless you jailbreak), copy/paste was the #1 complaint for the iPhone. Apple finally relented, added copy/paste and iPhone users around the world rejoiced!

Surely, Microsoft would not make the same mistake with their new forthcoming Windows Phone 7 Series mobile phones, right?

Well, would you believe Windows Phone 7 Series won't have copy/paste functionality? Are you freaking kidding me? Are you serious?

Having Netflix streaming (using Silverlight) on the Windows Phone 7 Series was making me consider switching from my iPhone to a Windows Phone 7, but my dreams have been dashed once I learned of no copy/paste. You just lost lost a potential customer Microsoft. Great job! Let me add this to my list of things wrong with Windows Phone 7.

Via Engadget.

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