Android: The Good and Bad with G1

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Android: The Good and Bad with G1

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The G1, the first Android-powered headset, could be transformed in ways that maker HTC and carrier T-Mobile can't imagine. Google's Android is open to developers, who could write apps to unlock T-Mobile's G1, tether it as a modem or other things, an analyst said. 

Google is calling the announcement of the T-Mobile G1 an important milestone in the young history of Android. The first Android-powered handset to come to market is made by HTC with a touchscreen and a slide-out keyboard.

The combination of Google's open-source Android mobile operating system, T-Mobile service, and HTC manufacturing comes less than a year after the Open Handset Alliance unveiled plans for Android.

Developers will have unfettered access to the G1's hardware and software capabilities to inspire innovation. The possibilities are vast, and more than 1,700 applications were developed during the Android Developer Challenge. Google engineers have also developed applications.

Developers will soon be able to distribute their applications to real handsets through the beta version of Android Market. Handset manufacturers and wireless carriers will be able to incorporate Android innovations into their own new handsets and service offerings. And users will get better handsets and more choice. 

When the G1 comes to market in October, legions of developers and hackers will transform the device in ways that HTC and T-Mobile can't even imagine, predicted Michael Gartenberg, vice president of mobile strategy for Jupitermedia.

Not only does Android allow applications access to the phone's functionality, but the platform itself will also be open. The Open Handset Alliance plans to open-source the entire Android platform by the end of the year. 

For a decidedly other look at the G1 , check out Gizmodo.

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