Apple's Got a Few Blemishes of Late ...

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Apple's Got a Few Blemishes of Late ...

So much good news and now so much bad news.

The Apple rumor mill is churning, but this week it's about software fixes instead of new priphone_main_overview20080609.jpgoducts. News reports are raising expectations of yet another iPhone software fix next month.

Apparently software update 2.0.2 didn't fix connection problems -- in fact, it created new issues for some iPhone users even as others are wrestling with MobileMe foul-ups that make receiving e-mail on the handset sketchy.

The software fix Apple was reportedly related to a chip inside the iPhone. BusinessWeek reported last week that Apple was working on a remedy through a software upgrade. 

But applications are still crashing, crashing, crashing. 

Apple has set itself up for failure because it's vetting all of the applications on its App Store to ensure the software doesn't contain any bad code, according to Mike Disabato, a wireless analyst at the Burton Group.

"I've got three applications on my iPhone right now that don't work. Apple killed the Netshare application. Why did that do that? Is Apple enforcing AT&T's terms of service? I didn't sign a contract with Apple that allows them to do that," Disabato said. "Let me buy what I want and it's my problem if I run afoul of AT&T!" 

Check out Wired for more dirt.

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