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Articulation - VoIP on your Palm PDA

Palm users have been clamoring for VoIP on their Palm devices for quite some time. I've mentioned VoIP on Palm (including the Treo) in the past. mobiVoIP was the first to offer VoIP on a Palm device.  However, mobiVoIP only works with their VoIP service plan. Many Palm users simply want a SIP softphone client that works with any SIP-based termination service provider. I also wrote about Talkplus, but they don't support SIP either and they too use their own phone service plan.

Well, today, Hampton Software Limited announced the release of a new Palm VoIP product called Articulation for PalmOS, that supports the SIP standard and therefore works with any VoIP service provider that supports the SIP standard. I should mention that it only works with Palm OS 5. Alas, the software doesn't yet work on the Treo 700p mobile phone, but should work on the Treo 650. It is connectivity-agnostic supporting WiFi, Bluetooth, EVDO, and EDGE/GPRS Internet connectivity.

Palm Articulation VoIP app
Screenshot of Articulation for PalmOS

Palm Articulation VoIP app settings

It isn't the prettiest interface in the world, but hey, if I can get my SIP on, I'm a happy man!

- Ability to make PSTN calls with your PDA
- Select the SIP VoIP provider of your choice
- Lookup phone numbers direct from you contacts
- Touch-tones (DTMF) for 'phone menus'
- Supports WiFi, Bluetooth and EVDO connections
- Call timer
- Silence suppression (only transmit your voice)
- Echo cancellation for 'speakerphone' use

Technical Features:
- Secure account authentication with SIP MD5 Authentication
- Supports GSM and G711 codecs (GSM is suited to low bandwidth connections)
- NAT support through RFC 3581 and ability to fix ports for symmetric NATs
- Symmetric RTP support
- Low latency
- Low memory usage

Good stuff! You can download and try it out for free. Still wish it supported the Treo 700p though.

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