AT&T Boosts EDGE Speed for iPhone?

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AT&T Boosts EDGE Speed for iPhone?

AT&T customers are seeing a sudden boost in EDGE speeds - reaching 200kbps, seemingly coinciding with the Apple iPhone launch. EDGE users are ecstatic over the speed bump. In fact, I overheard some iPhone users saying "Prepare iPhone for 2.5G EDGE speed. No no no, 2.5G EDGE is too slow. 2.5G EDGE too slow? Yes, we're going to have to go right to 'ludicrous 3G speed'. [gasps...] Ludicrous speed? Sir, we've never gone that fast before. I don't know if the iPhone can take it."

To hear the original hilarious "Ludicrous Speed" sound clip from SpaceBalls, click Play below:

The AT&T speed upgrade was codenamed "Fine EDGE", an ongoing two month upgrade which added bigger pipes going into the poorest performing towers to boost the bandwidth available to the EDGE network, thus bringing it closer to the theoretical 200kbps maximum speed. The iPhone has been knocked harshly from many reviewers for using EDGE due to its slower performance. This bandwidth boost will now help assuage the concerns of users which were sitting on the "should I get an iPhone?" fence.

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